Monday, October 4, 2010

Make it happen..

Late 2010 finds the team constructing
" Ground Zero " Corona's and Styles Unlimited's brand new studio..Such a task usually requires that every other project is put on hold..But that's something that Styles don't agree with..From the producers aspect " The Boiling Point " Sixteen Pads 's first solo work is almost done..Sinis Kamikaze gathers some of his best beats for his first beat tape while " 5 years in the making " the anniversary release of Styles Unlimited is ready..Corona virus are about to release their new LP " Skliro Narkotiko "and " I am hiphop " the album of Freestyle ( Arsonists ) & Logos Apeilh ( mixed and mastered by Dj Stigma, 4 tracks produced by Sinis Kamikaze ) is expected to be released at 10/10/2010...
More infos,details,pics and videos coming soon..
Stay tuned..
SU team 2010..

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